We believe in mutually

Nordic Plast is a modern company based in northern Estonia, which aims to be an alternative to the plastic display manufacturers you use today. We have just 20 employees and we celebrate that! Small means flexible, so you can expect quick decision making, short delivery times and very high attention to detail. Being based in Estonia also means low manufacturing costs, so our pricing is always competitive.

Deep industry experience and advanced technology such as laser cutters, allow us to reliably meet our business partners needs on time and budget. We also offer professional CNC milling, laser engraving, glueing and forming.

More than 85% of Nordic PlastĀ“s manufactured products are exported. Our services are currently used by companies from Denmark, Norway, Sweden, the Netherlands, Finland, Germany, Switzerland. These businesses range from wholesale furniture and shop display manufacturers through to professional scientific organizations. Most of what we manufacture is acrylic, which is used as sales promotion displays, interior design elements and industrial semi-finished products.

Our mission is to be the alternative to your current plastic manufacturing partner.